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The World's Leading Coffee Brand Creators

Cafiniti is the world's leading coffee curation and brand creation agency.

If you have a coffee brand we can manage it.
If you want a coffee brand we can create it.

If you want to save your brand we can arrange it.


Our approach is flexible and totally scaleable - whatever your business demands, Cafiniti delivers on a global or local scale.   


Cafiniti source exclusive coffees from over 70 countries.

Multiple Coffee

We produce coffee in every popular retail format. 

Packaging &

In-house design team. Packaging produced on site.


Unique end-to-end brand management & activation. 

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Cost Control - Simplified Supply Chain

Unlike any other coffee business, Cafiniti actively helps artisans and micro-roasters reduce their overheads by taking complete control of the supply chain, coffee roasting, packaging and distribution. 


By placing these key elements in Cafiniti's hands, you are free to market and sell your coffee product, instantly reaping the rewards in the form of higher margins / profit, while eliminating many of the underlying fiscal risks.


We are the world-leader in keeping coffee brands alive, as well as creating them. 

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