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Elevate your coffee quality

Experience unique coffee from Cafiniti every day

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A world of scarcity

Famous coffees from luxurious locations  

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Exclusive coffee

Become your own personal coffee brand

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Cafiniti Coffee

The highest grade coffee, totally exclusive to Cafiniti

Rare & Exotic

Legendary coffees with impeccable provenance and quality

Cafiniti Curated

Astonishing coffee curated to your own unique taste-profile

Cafiniti Coffee

Because you can elevate your coffee experience. 

Luxury defined by exclusivity

Cafiniti Coffee is defined by exclusivity, and is not available through any other retail channel.

Our coffees have been lovingly selected for aficionados, who crave Rare & Exotic coffees, or the bespoke benefits of Cafiniti Curated.

Cafiniti Coffees are available to purchase immediately and are only rosted to order, in the form of beans, ground and Nespresso-compatible capsules.

Rare and Exotic

Certain coffees are steeped in legend and transcend cultures to become icons in their own right.

The Rare & Exotic collection from Cafiniti constantly evolves, reflecting the world's finest and most revered coffee beans and estates. 

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Cafiniti Curated

Photo: Jamaica Blue Mountain Range

Coffee from over 65 countries

Cafiniti sits apart from mass-market coffee suppliers, because we enjoy open access to the finest coffee estates, around the world.

Our ability to identify and secure wonderful coffee is reflected in the Cafiniti Coffee collection - offering coffees unique to Cafiniti.

The Rare & Exotic collection and Cafiniti Bespoke harness the personal relationships we have fostered with our coffee partners, in over 65 countries. 

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As unique as you are

Coffee branded to your exact specifications 

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Luxury Businesses

Cafiniti Coffee

Cafiniti coffees are served on board every FlyEliteJets private charter.

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Cafiniti Coffee is roasted exclusively in the United Kingdom.