Cafiniti (Caf-in-iti)

Sourcing great coffee is baked into our DNA - every one of our clients benefits from this philosophy.
In every other respect, Cafiniti provides the tools, infrastructure and finance to maintain and build coffee brands. On this basis we are unique in the world of coffee. 


Our Process

Our process is modular - this approach ensures our clients can flexibly benefit from 'any' aspect of our product suite and immediately receive unparalleled levels of service. As coffee businesses scale up (or down) adding or subtracting modules protects cashflow and promotes more accurate financial planning.




We source coffee from over 70 countries.
From rare and exotic, to single estate. If a bean is out there, we can purchase it.


Choosing /

Roasting Coffee

It's your coffee. We help you choose the blend or bean. We roast the coffee but it's always to your specifications and your taste-profile. 

Brand /

We work with existing brands and we create coffee brands for our clients. This includes designing and producing sustainable packaging.


Storage /

You need a place to store your coffee - we provide that secure location. You need to confidently distribute your coffee - we do this for you.


Supporting Clients

Our clients can take advantage from a range of free support benefits. Cafiniti's goal is to help make your coffee brand a massive success. The experience and knowledge we have on tap, ranges from identifying coffees, to sales coaching and general advice about the business of coffee.

Cafiniti clients benefit from a standing invite to attend our roastery and spend time in our Taste-lab. Our state-of-the-art roastery offers direct insight into the production and roasting of coffee. Meanwhile, the Taste-lab proves a unique insight into the science of coffee roasting, beans and origins.



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