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The epitome of luxury

Most luxury brands do an amazing job, distinguishing themselves from their contemporaries.  They create wonderful collections, often taking into account seasonal changes and micro-trends, which truly culminate in products that appeal to their particular clientele. At Cafiniti we follow other luxury businesses with interest. We observe what thought leaders and luxury stalwarts are doing, trying to understand how their decisions resonate with their consumers. From car manufacturers to designer clothing brands, it’s clear that product personalisation is growing in significance. As a company, Cafiniti is the epitome of luxury personalisation. Cafiniti Bespoke is predicated on the principal that our clients should become their own coffee brand. We have pioneered an approach where we forego our company name, in favour of whatever naming convention, or hallmark our clients desire to display on their coffee packaging.  But of course, the essence of Cafiniti is coffee and our goal is to ensure this is the most personalised element of all. We invite Cafiniti Bespoke clients to visit our innovative Taste-lab. A coffee oasis, nestled to the side of our roastery. Once here a magical process unfolds. A welcome assault on all of the senses, as we present a curated selection of coffees, to sample and enjoy.  Part of this ritual is familiar, bearing similarities to wine tasting. This experience helps to determine a unique coffee taste-profile, the basis for producing bespoke coffee for our clients. Several key elements of the finished product are truly unique. Overall our clients receive exquisite coffee, which is authentic and steeped in their own legend, this story is supported by the provenance surrounding the initial custodian (framers) of the coffee beans. A fantastic story to relay amongst contemporaries and peers. From couture fashion houses to supercar manufacturers, bespoke solutions are the pinnacle of their offering. But their brand continues to be the hook, upon which your mark is stamped - the results are amazing but these examples remain a modification of the original product.  Cafiniti, makes you the luxury brand.  Call us +44 (0)20 7993 2842