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by Craig Kinnersley |

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, I have spoken to a lot of people about the genesis of Cafiniti. The question that most people ask, concerns my experience in the unnamed tailor, on Savile Row... the occasion, which prompted me to launch Cafiniti.

Well, the events unfolded as described (published here). I was given a cup of coffee, with an apology. However, that moment was more significant than I often recount. Yes, the coffee wasn't great. But the location was probably more significant to me.

Savile Row is a legendary place. You hear about it in films, the area is discussed on TV talk shows and it forms a major part of British pop culture - on 30 January 1969, the Beatles performed an unannounced concert, from the rooftop of their Apple Corps headquarters, at 3 Savile Row. This was one of their last performances.

Putting everything together, I realised that there was a gap in the market for curated coffee. I also understood that luxury businesses, legendary locations and people of standing were our market.

24 months of research preceded the launch of Cafiniti. This process ran in two parts. Ensuring enough great coffee could be consistently obtained and that we could produce and package our coffee in any conceivable format. In my mind, I wanted to guarantee that Cafiniti coffee would deliver the same taste experience, whether it was being drunk in a home/business, on a jet, or on the water (on board a super yacht).

I also wanted to be sure, our coffee could be distributed to any location. This way, our clients would have the same product on hand, wherever they were.

Today, we have our business processes refined and proven. Underpinning this is our brand and our brand message. We are a luxury lifestyle business, which supplies curated coffee to anyone with great taste - at least, where their coffee is concerned!

I previously mentioned COVID-19. The Events & Lifestyle magazine will expand forward from here. I will contribute articles, as will other writers. Moving forward, we hope to produce an article each week, but as lockdown continues we'll only hit this schedule if our content is worthy of your time.

If you have a coffee related story, which you would like us to feature, please let us know. +44 (0)207 993 2842