Brand creation

Your coffee. Your design. Your brand.
Created, managed and fulfilled by Cafiniti.


We work with the entire supply chain to ensure the coffee we source is grown in sustainable conditions, and in environments, which are safe and respect the welfare of everyone involved.


Create your own coffee brand 

Over 95m cups of coffee are consumed each day in the UK. The coffee market is huge and represents a significant opportunity for challenger brands. We work with you to make your brand vision a commercial reality. Or breathe new life into your existing brand.  

Working with Cafiniti

We have a totally flexible and scaleable approach to working with clients. We provide precisely what you need to create, or reinvigorate your coffee brand. Pick one, pick several, or pick all of our resources, to receive the support you require. It's always your choice.


We are totally agnostic, working with anyone who wants to develop a coffee brand. You can discuss your vision with us, in complete confidence.  


Our process

We work in a structured and methodical way, ensuring we totally understand your goals, ideas and what success looks like to you. From there, we discuss how Cafiniti can help you and how involved you would like us to be with your coffee brand.  

Commercial arrangements

We have several business models, which we can offer you. It's critical that your coffee project is a success and it's our job to find the right financial arrangement, which will facilitate this.

When we discuss your project, we'll go through all your commercial options.    

Is your existing coffee brand under financial pressure?

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