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Packaging &  

We create coffee brands for our clients and we enhance existing brands. This includes full marketing capability. We also design & produce sustainable packaging.


We have an amazing in-house design & marketing team, who bring coffee brands to life. Our turnkey solutions totally match your brand profile.   


Packaging and packing

We have established 14 packing lines for; bags, pouches, stabilo, sachets, tins, vacuum-packs, pods, coffee bags and capsules. We also offer valve and gas flushing / modified atmosphere packaging. Everything is finished at our roastery. 

Marketing & design

From SEO to consumer loyalty and brand design, our team are equipped to accelerate the growth, visibility and retail quality of your coffee brand. We are used to launching new brands and reinvigorating brands, which are at a critical turning point. 



Giving your coffee brand a unique identity & strong values 

The Cafiniti team have been responsible for managing some of the world's biggest beverage brands.


Using our insight and market knowledge, we help entrepreneurs,   artisans and established coffee brands come to life, get to market and be extremely competitive.