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thrive or revive 

Whatever the financial position of your coffee brand, we have the resources and pathways to help you thrive or revive, quickly and confidently.  


Depending on the state of your coffee brand, you may require specific help & assistance, which goes beyond our regular suite of services.

How can we help you?



For coffee brands, which are 100% confident in their own sales and marketing capability, we will partner with you to roast, pack and fulfil your coffee. This approach is an excellent solution to hands-on brand owners, who want to maximise their income. 


You have a great idea and a business plan but funds are tight and you can't build your own roastery. And you don't want to distribute coffee from your garage! We work with you, providing business support, capital & essential infrastructure to launch your brand 


You may have run into financial difficulties and taken the tough decision to wind down your coffee brand. We may be able to offer you an alternative path, reestablishing your brand. More importantly we may return your brand to profit.


We work with insolvency practitioners
to get coffee brands, which have failed back on their feet. Under this arrangement the brand leverages it's existing consumer base to recapitalise.
Thereafter, we operate the brand on a split income profit model. 


We provide an entirely logical solution, which leverages our significant economies of scale, returning this value back to you and your balance sheet.

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Go on a venture with us

We work with coffee brands in a variety of ways, typically dependent upon your business or financial circumstances. The age, or status of your coffee brand may also dictate, which venture pathway is correct for you. Contact us to start your brand journey. 

Protecting your brand

By establishing a coffee brand, with satisfied customers & a reputation for fulfilling orders, you have done all the hard work - this is the value in your brand. We strongly encourage you to maintain these values, while you improve your own financial situation.  

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It's your coffee

Your business can thrive by taking a different approach

The quality of your coffee, how it is roasted, packaged and stored is important but it does not have to be produced in-house.


We commit to undertaking all of these cost-heavy elements on your behalf. It's still your coffee, but it's roasted, distributed and managed through Cafiniti - reducing your overheads.

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