Increase Your Profit Margin

It's an inconvenient truth that very few artisan coffee brands, or small-scale coffee roasters actually make a reasonable profit. Those that do manage to scale-up, often introduce more cost as they grow and this also applies adverse pressure to profit margins.  

Cafiniti works to remove 'most' of the underlying costs, which hinder your ability generate serious profit. We achieve this while remaining true to your business vision, your brand values and the promises you have made to your consumers. 

We provide and entirely logical solution, that leverages our significant economies of scale, returning this value back to you and your balance sheet. 


Reducing Costs - Protecting Your Brand

By establishing a coffee brand, with many satisfied customers and a reputation for fulfilling orders, you have done all the hard work - the value is in your brand (and what it stands for) and NOT in your ability to buy, roast and package coffee... the relationship you have fostered between you and your consumer, is where your actual brand value lives.

The quality of your coffee, how it is roasted, packaged and stored is important but it does not have to be completed in-house. We commit to undertaking all of these cost-heavy elements on your behalf. 

By significantly reducing buying, production and storage costs, your margins increase greatly. Returning significantly higher profits and vastly improving your financial standing.

To be clear, it's still 100% your coffee, roasted your way at a fraction of your present costs.


Increase your coffee profits.
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