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Working with you

We offer people and businesses a flexible approach to running a coffee company.

Cafiniti Ventures operates on a 'costs-plus' basis.

In other words, you incur a fixed cost (investment) for consumables and then pay a monthly fee, depending on what level of general business support you require.

There are three tiers to work from. 

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The fixed costs

Just like any business, there are upfront costs, which have to be met.

With Cafiniti Ventures these costs relate to the consumable elements of a coffee business - in this case, packaging.

The fee we charge depends on your design, level of complexity and the format of your coffee.

The Cafiniti Ventures team will work with you to minimise these costs and plan how to recoup them, through coffee sales.

Third-party coffee roasting.

Online coffee business.

End-to-end coffee company.

Ongoing costs

Depending on how your business evolves, there may be ongoing costs. 

These costs will cover essential requirements, like storing stock, to fulfil on-demand orders. Our team will work with you to minimise these costs and ensure they are covered by the income you generate by sales.

Flexibility is our strength and your key benefit

With Cafiniti Ventures you can own a coffee business and enjoy its success, with as much, or as little input as you desire.

The only costs are unavoidable, but they are totally transparent.

Together we plan for success and follow that track from end-to-end.

This is the most comprehensive, low risk entry into the coffee category anywhere. 

And we can even help your business grow.

Cafiniti Ventures

Cafiniti Ventures is the venture capital and business incubator arm of Cafiniti. If you wish to discuss your coffee business idea, please talk to us. 

Call +44 (0)20 7993 2842