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In many ways you are judged by the coffee you serve

Cafiniti Black Label is obsessed about making this judgement, a positive one. We curate and supply astonishing coffee.  

Coffee is unlike any other drink

In luxury hotels, coffee is often the first drink of the day. Likewise, it usually brings fabulous dinners to a close. More than any other beverage, coffee bookends your business.

Cafiniti Black Label is totally dedicated to making sure you serve the highest quality coffee, at the right time.    

If you hand pick ingredients for your menu, why not coffee

Our approach to curating coffee, assumes you care deeply about the food you select, prepare and serve.

We apply the same principals to coffee curation, picking the right beans, choosing the optimum storage format and using the most appropriate external packaging.

We understand business evolution

Cafiniti Black Label operates around the world. And we understand that running a business requires continual evolution.

We offer support on an ongoing basis. To aligning coffees with a new menu, to advising on coffee machines and general coffee training.

Only Cafiniti Black Label is this obsessed with your coffee experience.

Your choice is Cafiniti Black Label

Your coffee speaks to the quality of your business, therefore it should be stunning. Cafiniti Black Label is only available upon application, to companies who don't accept being part of the crowd. 

To be considered for Cafiniti Black Label apply below or call +44 (0)20 7993 2842