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In an era where true luxury is defined by exclusivity, Cafiniti Curated raises the bar

We identify coffees, which match your personal taste-profile. Once your coffee has been identified we transform it into your own, personal coffee brand.

Coffee more valuable than champagne

Cafiniti works directly with the world's leading coffee estates, identifying coffees with amazing provenance, legend and quality.

In many cases, these coffees exceed the value of champagne and other revered drinks. 

With a network spanning over sixty five countries, no coffee is beyond our reach. 

Our niche is finding the right coffee for you, which can not be purchased anywhere else - creating your personal coffee brand.

You have great taste

Selecting your coffee is achieved via our Taste-lab, one of the most sophisticated in Europe.

The lab is located within our roastery, alongside our vast array of green bean coffee samples.

As our guest, you are invited to experience the Taste-lab. Here you will participate in a process similar to sampling fine wines. This will determine your personal coffee taste-profile

(We have refined the process to deal with the effects of COVID-19).

Cafiniti Black Label Coffee Packaging

Exceptional packaging

Once we have identified your coffee(s) of choice, the coffee beans will be roasted and packed - in any format from traditional beans, to Nespresso-style capsules. 

Our packaging is exceptional, because it conforms to your exact specifications. Use our in-house design team to personalise, or brand your packaging however you choose.

Then, your coffee is shipped to you, wherever you are in the world. 

Only Cafiniti Curated does this

Your coffee shouldn't be a supermarket afterthought, it should be as unique as you are.

To discuss becoming a Cafiniti Curated client follow the link below, or call +44 (0)20 7993 2842