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Cafiniti, supporting coffee producers and their communities

Ensuring fair trade and fighting against child labor.

The Cafiniti coffee community

Cafiniti would not exist without the wonderful men and women, who farm our coffee. In many cases, coffee production is a family affair.

At Cafiniti, we have a responsibility to everyone in the supply chain. We are serious about our commitment to these people and their communities.

To properly serve our supply partners, we have established clear protocols to ensure they are treated fairly and that they receive financial support, when and where it's required.

This includes prompt payments for all the coffee we purchase. 

Fair trade conditions and child labor

We create direct relationships with the coffee farmers, who produce Cafiniti coffees. 

Our approach often includes travelling to see our farming partners, across the world.

Thereafter, we constantly liaise with them, maintaining clear dialogue, which includes our unwaivering position against child labor.

But we do accept, that on certain occasions, young family members may get involved in coffee harvesting - as explained by the farmers, themselves. In this regard, we take a pragmatic approach.

Sustaining our future, your future

Coffee production happens on a global scale. Cafiniti and our clients place a small but significant demand on this output.

To mitigate our impact, the majority of our Cafiniti Coffee Collection contains a blend of beans. This reduces pressure on our farmers, and ensures our coffee quality is consistent.

Additionally, we work producers to help them adopt more sustainable farming methods - providing access to agricultural experts, when required.     

Cafiniti Coffee Foundation

Farmers, communities, the environment... but most of all family united by coffee. We believe that family is exceptionally important. Therefore, we allocate a percentage of our coffee sales income, to support our farming community, when and where it is required.