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Coffee - a natural third act in business

Cafiniti exists to serve a specific but steadily growing coffee niche, which I found was truly neglected.

Cafiniti Savile Row

It started on Savile Row.

The sartorial splendour of London’s Savile Row is not second nature to me.

I have spent most of my adulthood and almost all of my working life shunning a traditional suit and tie. I have always favoured a jacket and trouser combination, for formal occasions, only succumbing to a tie when absolutely necessary.

However, as I approached a landmark birthday and with thoughts of midlife crises in mind, I decided to buy a bespoke suit. The experience is delightful, a mixture of old-world service and highly skilled professionals, combine in an elegant dance, to create magic in the the form of master tailoring.

Cafiniti Ferrari

Bad coffee, a tailor and an apology.

Very little from my experience warranted any form of apology. Although, one was forthcoming, upon receipt of a cup of coffee. An apologetic assistant explained ‘the coffee is only from the local supermarket’.

The coffee was average. But the sentiment behind this apology was far more meaningful to me.

This was not the first time I had encountered this situation. I experienced a similar scenario in a luxury car dealership, also located in West London. It seemed that a clear business opportunity was emerging.

And after further investigation, the reality of serving average coffee not only spanned the entire luxury industry, but it also applied to private households and family offices. 

Cafiniti is my answer.

Third time around.

Cafiniti draws on my previous business experience. It marks the third significant stage of my career and the second company / brand I have personally built.

I started out working for some of the world's biggest drinks companies, leading their domestic sales teams and gaining a reputation for successfully launching new products and harnessing consumer data, for marketing purposes.

In 2003, I stepped away from the beverage industry and created a consumer intelligence and retail loyalty company. Over the next decade I grew the business, selling out 2013 but I never lost touch with the drinks industry and remained in contact with many of my ex-colleagues.

In fact, I was often asked to look over business plans and give my opinion on new projects. Secretly, I was looking for an opening. It never materialised.

Then, that day in Savile Row, the opportunity came to me. The key was to act upon it.

I'm keen to talk about Cafiniti

Should you harbour lingering questions about Cafiniti, the direction of brand travel, or require further insight from me, please email or call:

 +44 (0)20 7993 2842.