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Cafiniti (Caf-in-iti)

Sitting in a realm above retail variants, our aim is to seek out the world's best and most diverse selection of coffees. 

Exploration and coffee origins

Like many British pioneers, Cafiniti is a company built on the idea of exploration and discovery. 

Globally, we work with the finest, highly respected coffee farmers. Together we identify the world’s most outstanding and distinguished coffee beans. 

Our partnerships are built on trust, and a mutual understanding regarding environmental sustainability, fair trade and sound working conditions.

Buying coffee

Cafiniti is not available through traditional retail channels.

Our coffee is purposefully positioned above regular variants, usually found in supermarkets and single-brand high street outlets. 

This exclusivity lends itself to our online store, where we permanently stock three stunning coffee options - sourced from Africa, Central America and South America.

Although, we prefer to work with clients through our Cafiniti Black Label bespoke curation service.

Luxury and curation

A significant proportion of our business originates from clients choosing to take advantage of our curated coffee approach - Cafiniti Black Label.

Over time we have come to understand the personalised nature of this service suits individuals, family offices and companies, who expect exemplary levels of service.

As a luxury brand, Cafiniti is happy to exceed the highest expectations and we relish the personalised nature of our business relationships.


We approach innovation as a challenge, worthy of our time and consideration.

From the development of recyclable coffee capsules, to adopting new packaging methods and installing advanced roasting machines, Cafiniti is at the forefront of coffee technology.

Cafiniti coffee is exclusively roasted in the UK. 



Cafiniti Black Label customers benefit from a standing invite  to attend our roastery and spend time in our taste-lab.

Our state-of-the-art rostery offers direct insight into the production and roasting of curated coffee.

Meanwhile, the taste-lab is a unique space, designed to educate and inform clients, about the preparation and correct methods of serving coffee. 

Additionally and upon request, we visit clients to offer further training / advice and support - this extends to coffee machines.