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Cafiniti (Caf-in-iti)

Since 2015 Cafiniti has selected and sold the world's most exotic and rare coffees. Cafiniti Black Label represents the highest level of bespoke coffee curation and packaging - only available to esteemed clients and luxury business upon application.  

The luxury of coffee

We believe that supermarkets are fantastic general stores. But luxury items aren't 'general' in nature. 

Cafiniti doesn't have to adhere to strict stocking policies and this allows us to operate on a totally different level, from the traditional mass-market approach. 

Like handmade suits, bespoke diamond rings and customised luxury vehicles, coffee is a wonderfully tailored experience with Cafiniti.

High jewellery

We draw inspiration from leading jewellery houses. Adopting similar levels of client focus and dedication, when it comes to delivering a bespoke outcome.

Cafiniti Black Label coffees underline our bespoke capabilities.

Working directly with our patrons, we hand-pick individual coffees, or blends, which satisfy their unique taste profile. The outcome precisely meets their coffee requirements. 

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Cafiniti Now Collection

In the event that Cafiniti Black Label is not appropriate for your coffee needs, we present the Cafiniti Now Collection.

This collection of coffees exemplifies our approach to quality. We have selected them for their exclusivity and quality, providing the perfect introduction to our brand.

Only available through the Cafiniti website, these coffees are graded above supermarket variants and can not be purchased anywhere else.

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Cafiniti Design


We approach innovation as a challenge, worthy of our time and consideration.

From the development of recyclable coffee capsules, to adopting new packaging methods and installing advanced roasting machines, Cafiniti is at the forefront of coffee technology.

Cafiniti coffee is exclusively roasted in the UK. 


Cafiniti Support


Cafiniti Black Label customers benefit from a standing invite  to attend our roastery and spend time in our taste-lab.

Our state-of-the-art rostery offers direct insight into the production and roasting of curated coffee.

Meanwhile, the taste-lab is a unique space, designed to educate and inform clients, about the preparation and correct methods of serving coffee. 

Additionally and upon request, we visit clients to offer further training / advice and support - this extends to coffee machines.