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No investment required

The option is great for social media influencers, who want to monetise their audience, by selling coffee to them.

Crucially this can be achieved without investing any money. 

You can promote coffee beans, ground coffee and nespresso capsules. Cafiniti, roast, package and distribute this coffee on your behalf.

We also pass on 100% of the profit from every sale to you.

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Unmanaged Partnerships

The model we favour is a hybrid affilate / drop shipping arrangement and it is based on speed and convenience.

We have pre-selected a range of premium coffees, presented in generic, retail-ready packaging and provide affiliate links to these products.

Therafter, any orders generated are attributed to you, the affilaite.  

There is no cost associated with this model, unless you want to buy a sample of the coffee to try for yourself.

How to generate income from coffee

Take some photos, or add a video to your social media accounts, showing you enjoying a cup of coffee.

Inform your audience that they can drink your coffee too... just direct them to your personal affiliate link.

Each time they buy a bag of your coffee, your affiliate account is credited with cash. 

To reiterate, 100% of the profits from each sale are returned to you.

It's that easy.

Coffee sales / profits

Profit is calculated after costs have been subtracted from the retail price - the price your audience pay.

This calculation happens automatically, via your affiliate account. For example if the Cafiniti production costs are £3.00 per bag and the retail price is £6.00, you will receive £3.00 from each sale. The actual costs are outlined in your affiliate account - we are totally transparent.

In other words, if 1000 members of your audience buy coffee, via your affiliate link, you will earn £3,000.

The money in your affiliate account can be claimed instantly. We do not have access to these funds, so your money is safe and therefore, it can obviously be claimed on demand.

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Cafiniti Ventures

Cafiniti Ventures is the venture capital and business incubator arm of Cafiniti. If you wish to discuss your coffee business idea, please talk to us. 

Call +44 (0)20 7993 2842