Sourcing & roasting coffee 

We can actively help coffee brands reduce their overheads by taking complete control of the supply chain, coffee roasting, packaging and distribution. 


We source coffee from over 75 countries. From rare and exotic, to single  estate varietals. Thereafter, we roast coffee, but it's always roasted to your brand's taste-profile.   


Global coffee sourcing 

Our sourcing team work across the world to identify and purchase the finest coffee beans - maintaining direct and often personal relationships with coffee farmers and producers. We can source you a new coffee, or likely buy your existing coffee for, less cost. 

Coffee is what we know

Buying great coffee is baked into our DNA - every Cafiniti client benefits from this philosophy. In every other respect, Cafiniti provides the tools  infrastructure and finance to maintain and build successful coffee brands. On this basis, we are unique.


Our roastery is one of the biggest in Northern Europe. This allows our clients to take advantage of massive economies of scale. Protecting margins. 


Coffee formats

  • Coffee Beans

  • Ground Coffee

  • Coffee Capsules

  • Coffee Bags

  • Cold Brew

Our roastery has been built to supply coffees, in every popular retail format.

Supporting your business

Our clients and business partners benefit from a standing invite to attend our roastery and spend quality time in our Taste-Lab. In the roastery you can see how your coffee is produced and in the lab, you can pick the perfect taste-profile and roast. 

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The taste-lab

A unique insight into the science of coffee roasting and flavour.

Join us in the Cafiniti Taste-Lab and together we can identify the most desirable coffee flavour(s) for your brand.

Or we can match your coffee to a specific flavour, which  your may have previously experienced, or roasted. This is pure coffee science in action.